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火, 28 8月 2018 12:59

EduSearch Listing

Thank you to EduSearch for this listing on their Higashi Shinjuku Eikaiwa page, I think it sums englishpool up nicely;


イングリッシュプール 英会話教室

イングリッシュプール 英会話教室は、主に子供の英語に焦点を置いた英会話教室で、3歳から中学生、高校生までレッスンを行っています。





料金(時間/回数) :9,400円~25,900円



住所:〒160-0022東京都新宿区新宿7-3-36 戸山センチュリー102

アクセス:若松河田駅 徒歩5分

公式サイト:イングリッシュプール 英会話教室

Thank you.

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木, 23 8月 2018 19:39

We're Open

 After the summer holiday englishpool is open again. Need English? We are here to help!

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水, 15 8月 2018 15:49

Summer 2018

  This is our summer window for 2018. I decided this year to give the whole window area over to the display.

  It consists of various speech bubbles with snippets of English such as "What's your favourite food?","Can you play tennis?", "How old are you?" etc along with a height chart for the question, "How tall are you?" The whole idea being that it encourages those who notice it to participate by asking and answering questions in English. 

  By the way englishpool is closed between July 29 to August 22.

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