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土, 09 3月 2019 18:54

BrainBox AGO

  I was excited to receive this new game from our textbook suppliers,, yesterday.

  It's called BrainBox AGO and is a collaboration between the makers of BrainBox, Green Board Games in the UK and the makers of AGO here in Japan.

  I'd never seen the BrainBox range of games until now, but the game revolves around a box of cards featuring a content rich picture on one side, and a list of eight related questions on the other. The idea is to spend 10 seconds! looking at the picture, then roll the eight sided dice to determine which question you should answer.

 First impressions with my elementary students have been very favourable, even though they've complained that the time limit of 10 seconds is way too short!

 Looking forward to playing it in  ore classes next week.


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土, 09 3月 2019 17:20

Are you ready?

  As we approach the new school year, starting in April, I've changed the cover of our pamphlets, or chirashi.

  Out with the photographs of the classroom, and in with an eye catching image of a red double-decker bus.

  I've also added the  tag line is "Are you ready to start your English journey?"

  So far the reaction has been very positive.

  All aboard!

  You can find the chirashi at this link: englishpool Spring 2019 (PDF 297KB)

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