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木, 18 7月 2019 06:58


  Over the weekend I added a ビデオサポート page to the englishpool website. As mentioned in earlier posts, this year we are using the Happy Valley textbooks in our young learner classes, and the folks at Happy Valley have produced a plethora of videos to support the work done in the classroom. I'd like the students, or their parents, to able to easily access the relevant video easily. We already have our own englishpool YouTube channel with playlists for スプラウツ and キンダー, so with the help of the nx-YouTubeBox module from NX-DESIGNS, adding these playlists to the site was a breeze.

   The page is available to view here,

   So now it's now super simple for parents to be able to watch the videos with their children. Enjoy!


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