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土, 03 2月 2018 14:47

Penfriends in Greece

  We were lucky a few weeks ago, through our membership of the Cambridge English Penfriends site, to have the opportunity to swap message cards with an English school in Greece.

 The school, Yes You Can, is located in the town of Marathon, Greece. Aside from my students initially not believing there was actually a town called Marathon, we had a lot of fun reading the Greek students cards (pictured above) and discovering about their local area.

 In turn my students produced message cards to send back to their Marathon counterparts. I was also in contact with their teacher so there was a good rapport and I look forward to swapping cards in the future.

 As I get more accustomed to the Penfriend system I'm gradually introducing the message cards to the middle Elementary School aged students...I think it really gives them a study boost, as they see they can communicate with children around the world, all through the medium of English.





水, 31 1月 2018 22:46

Thank You

 Thank you to S and R for these presents.

 The squirrel boxes are so cute, and the contents so delicious!

 Good luck with your future studies!

金, 19 1月 2018 18:16

Penguin Kids

  Yet more books for the school library. This time from Pearson ELT and their extremely popular Penguin Kids series.

  I think we have all the Disney based books from this series, and have started replacing some of the books due to wear and tear (which after 100 rentals for each book I'm not complaining!)

  I also took the opportunity to buy some of the non-Disney titles as seen in the photo, most are rewritten versions of Roald Dahl classics including The Twits, Fantastic Mr.Fox and The Enormous Crocodile as well as The Wizard of Oz and Thumbelina.

  Happy Reading!


水, 20 12月 2017 06:30

Christmas Party 2017

 A big thank you to all those who attended the Christmas Parties on Sunday, I'm sure everybody had a lot of fun (hopefully!)

 You can find some photos of the parties over on our events page


 (As with the Halloween parties this year, I'll be making all photos taken at the Christmas Parties available to those who attended, look out for the slip of paper in your child's bag.)


土, 16 12月 2017 08:50

Christmas Party

 Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, December 17th, is the annual englishpool Christmas Party! Yeah!

 We'll be transforming the classroom later today into a Chrsitmas wonderland, and the parties will start at 14:00 for the younger students and from 16:00 for the Elementary school aged students.

 Ho! Ho! Ho!

土, 11 11月 2017 17:15

More Halloween Party Photos!

  We usually shoot  200~300 photos during the Halloween and Christmas parties and of course printing and displaying them is not practical, but we'd still like to share them with the parents of children who attended. So starting form this year we are making all the photos taken at the parties available for parents to view online.

  The albums are password protected, so you'll need to have the slip of paper handed out in classes this week to hand.

  If you didn't receive the slip, or can't find it, just send me a message and I'll sort you out.

金, 03 11月 2017 11:55

Halloween Party Photos 2017

Please find some photos taken at this year's Halloween parties at the following link

Thank you once again to all the parents who brought their children to last Sunday's Halloween Parties. I know it can't have been easy getting the children dressed into their costumes and then having to put on raincoats, rainboots etc. to brave the heavy rain. お疲れ様でした.

Next year I promise NO RAIN!!!



火, 31 10月 2017 20:39

The Witching Hour

  Well it will soon be the witching hour, and time to say goodbye to Halloween, pack up the Halloween decorations and stow them away for another year.

  A big thank you to all those who attended the parties on Sunday, they were a lot of fun and I'm sure the children enjoyed themselves.

  Hopefully soon I'll have some Halloween Party photos to share.

  Until then, Happy Halloween!

日, 29 10月 2017 12:41

Getting Ready for Halloween

 Almost ready for today's Halloween Party, and the classroom is looking spooky.

 It may be pouring down, but we're going to have the best Halloween parties ever.

Just a reminder of those times again

Sprouts/Kinder from 14:30 to 16:00

Elementary from 16:30 to 18:00

 Happy Halloween!

金, 27 10月 2017 14:23

AGO Card Game

  The students, and myself, have been big fans of the AGO card games almost since their release, seven(?) years ago.

  The students love the gameplay as it's as simple to play as UNO, and I love it because it gets children used to asking questions, and not just merely answering questions.

  With this goal of becoming good question makers in mind I recently altered a pack of AGO Level One by removing the questions, the idea being that the children would have to think for themselves without any sample questions to read. The results have been spectacular, some of the questions the children could remember but where they ran up again question they really started to think for themselves...not always perfectly but with a bit of guidance they created their own questions and are well on their way to becoming good question makers.

  Hope the folks at AGO don't mind my alterations, and if you need a name for this version we are calling it AGO Clear!!