Just time for a quick update on developements over the past month or so:

1. We've opened the classroom in Waseda and have welcomed the first students.
2. Waseda entailed a new design for the schools top-page. With a bit more tweaking we will use this as the template for other schools.
3. Halloween lesson ideas added.
4. Student Newsletter for October added. Again we've tried a small design change.
5. Overhaul of the English langauge pages to follow once we get some time!

Catch you later.
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'englishpool' Kasai 

We have now finished rebranding Kasai to create the first stand alone 'englishpool' school.
Basially it was a case of changing over the signage and of course not forgeting to answer the phone as 'englishpool'. Well of course there was a bit more to it than that!
The picture above shows the main sign facing the Kan-Nana Dori and is some 2 meters long. Seeing it for the first time on Tuesday was quite a shock, as it really stands out. Which I suppose is what a sign is supposed to do.
The picture below shows the ground level signboard. This actually attracted a potential student to come up and visit us within about 30 minutes of placing it outside. So let's hope this trend continues!

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Tsukishima Open Class 

Monday, 5th September, saw the first of the Tsukishima Open Class days.

We basically opened the doors to anybody between 2:30 and 5:30 and ran three hour long sessions where the students were exposed to a series of book readings, English songs and a craft activity.
The turnout was great and we had about 30 students plus mothers atend the sessions.

As expected there were a few areas where we might be able to improve the flow of events so we now have 4 weeks or so before the next one!

A big thank you to all of those involved directly and behind the scenes on Monday.

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It never rains but it pours. 

I post no messages for 27 days and then all of sudden I'm posted 3 in day!

This concerns an opening at our school in Kasai and is due to the regular teacher deciding it's time he moved on to greater personal challenges. Well after over 4 years with us, I can't hold it against him, especially in an industry where the average staff turnover is probably about 6 months!

So if your an experienced childrens teacher, or feel you can make a good go of it, and are available Friday afternoons and early evenings please feel free to apply.

Further details can be found on our recruit page.
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New Crossword Puzzles 

Finally got around to getting the two most recent crossword puzzles onto the website. These were originally intended for the student's newsletters but with the software from EclipseCrossord making it so easy to publish on the web it seems they deserve a wider audience. Here are the details of each crossword:

Past Tense Crossword Puzzle This puzzle test your student's knowledge of irregular past tense forms as they covert from the simple form. (15 clues)

Weather Crossword Puzzle How well do you know your weather vocabulary. Ten sentences need a suitable weather word to complete this puzzle. (10 clues)

Remember that all the crosswords have a free printable version so even if your student's don't have access to a computer please feel free to print them off a copy.

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