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火, 26 11月 2019 08:25

Eiken Perfect Score 英検満点

  One of our Junior High School (中学生) students was very pleased with himself recently.

  He was unsure as to which level of eiken test (英検) he should take, so he took grade 5. Imagine his surprise when he achieved a perfect score of 850. Not a single question incorrect!

  Hopefully he'll now feel confident to challenge the higher levels!

  And remember, at englishpool we may not specifically teach for exams but all our students will more than capable of passing any exams and have confidence to use English in the wider world.

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土, 23 11月 2019 10:03

Halloween Party Photos

 Here's a selection of photos taken at the 2019 Halloween Party. Enjoy!

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木, 21 11月 2019 08:31

Halloween 2019 photo album

 Photos form the recent Halloween Party are finally up on the website. As is recent practice they are behind a password. If your child attended one of the parties they should have received a slip of paper with the password on it.

   If not let me know!



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水, 13 11月 2019 08:45

Thank you for the persimmons

  A big thank you to a recent trail student, and her mother, for these lovely persimmons (柿 kaki). They are a sure sign that autumn has arrived.

 Here's a question for you, "What other name are persimmons known by in the UK?"

 And if you'd like to arrange a free trial lesson:

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