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土, 25 1月 2020 14:18


 As part of our Elementary Class A lessons (小学生A) we are currently learning all about animals. From describing how they look, to what they can, and can't, do.

 Our first and second graders (1年生&2年生) know so much about animals, it feels sometimes as if they are teaching me! For example, did you know that a giraffe can sleep while standing?

 Although this picture had me stumped. During February they each child will produce a piece of written work introducing their favourite animal, similar to the previous years work over on the gallery. So I asked them to start thinking of an animal they'd like to wriite about. One girl decided on a bird. So far, so good but of course birds come in all shapes and sizes..'What bird?' I asked. She replied, 'A yellow one, with an orange mouth.' She didn't know the Japanese name, and seeing that I was still confused asked for a pencil and some paper so she could draw it for me.

 Can you guess what it is?


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