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土, 25 1月 2020 14:18


 As part of our Elementary Class A lessons (小学生A) we are currently learning all about animals. From describing how they look, to what they can, and can't, do.

 Our first and second graders (1年生&2年生) know so much about animals, it feels sometimes as if they are teaching me! For example, did you know that a giraffe can sleep while standing?

 Although this picture had me stumped. During February they each child will produce a piece of written work introducing their favourite animal, similar to the previous years work over on the gallery. So I asked them to start thinking of an animal they'd like to wriite about. One girl decided on a bird. So far, so good but of course birds come in all shapes and sizes..'What bird?' I asked. She replied, 'A yellow one, with an orange mouth.' She didn't know the Japanese name, and seeing that I was still confused asked for a pencil and some paper so she could draw it for me.

 Can you guess what it is?


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火, 21 1月 2020 16:26



彼女のWedding Partyでは、彼女が20代から通い続けたシャンソンバーのシャンソン歌手のご友人が、ピアノとアコーディオンの生バンドで素敵な歌を披露してくれました。






皆さんは生の音楽や歌を最近聞きに行きましたか? お子様に聞かせたことがありますか?





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火, 21 1月 2020 14:16

Youtube Star!

Regular visitors to our cafe The Three Little Pigs will no doubt recognise the Buddist priest in this video.

He's one of our cafe regulars and can be found most days transcribing the sciptures, over a cup of coffee and a packet of Ormskirk Gingerbreads.

He has an impressive 376 views at the time of writing, and his previous videos have gained figures of over 1000 views per video.

That's why he's our local Youtube Star! 

Watch out Hikakin!

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coat, sweater, shirt, boots, sneakers, mittens, scarf, pants


お子様に What is this? What are they?とゲームのように問いかけてみてはいかがですか?


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土, 11 1月 2020 08:31

Frozen アナと雪の女王

  Thank you to one of our students for the donation of Frozen, Book of the Film to our ever expanding school library.

  I must admit that when I watched Frozen, known as アナと雪の女王 (Ana to uki no jo-ou) in Japan, I fell asleep.  So maybe I will be the first to read this!

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火, 07 1月 2020 16:26

"It tastes terrible!"

Do you know what this is?

Yes, it's a cow. Or more specifically, it's a liquorice cow. And it became one of the best teaching aids I've ever encountered.

In our elementary classes (小学生B&小学生C) they had the target of describing various items."It looks beautiful." "It looks soft." "It's loud." etc...

Well for the target "It tastes delicious" or "It tastes terrible" this little liquorice cow worked wonders.

I offered each student one of these little liquorice cows, and some students said "It looks delicious", some even went as far as to take an initial bite and say "It tastes delicious" but 100% of students finally said "It tastes terrible!" before spitting it out into the bin!

(For the record, I am yet to meet any Japanese that like liquorice. It must be an acquired taste!)


Thank you to my friend Mr.S who provided the liquorice after a business trip to Denmark.

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火, 07 1月 2020 13:39

Decorated Gingerbread Men

  We used this idea at our Christmas Parties, and I thought I'd share it with you.

 I prepared a gingerbread man for each child and set a selection of different coloured 'chocopens' on each table. The children were then free to create their own designs.

 It was a lot of fun and something I can see us doing again.

 (Apologies for the picture, the sharp eyed will notice I only used one colour! It was a test! )

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土, 04 1月 2020 11:18

Happy New Year

From myself, and all the staff at englishpool,

明けましておめでとうございます, or Happy New Year!

Hope you have a good 2020.




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土, 04 1月 2020 11:09

Christmas Party Photos

  Forgot to post this before the Christmas/ New Year break but the photos taken at the Christmas Parties are online.

  As usual, you'll need a password to access them, check inside your child's bag...or contact me direct.

  Thank you to all the students who attended the Christmas Parties, they were a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed the gingerbread men!

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