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木, 25 3月 2021 18:24

School Calendar 2021~2022

  As one academic ends (classes until the end of Saturday 27th!) another begins.

  Here is the school calendar for 2021~2022.  School Calendar 2021~2022 (PDF95K)

  We all look forward to welcoming our students, starting on April 6th, for the next year.

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  Inspired by the AGO cards used in our Junior high School class, Paul challenges you to solve a selection of English riddles.

  For starters, "What's black and white, and 'red' all over?"

  Is it a sunburnt zebra???     

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  In this shortened video, I run through the first lesson of our Programming with English class (英語でプログラミング.) As well as introducing the Ozobot used in the classes, we also meet a large-as-life robot who you can shout directions at! I then procced to show how to draw lines that Ozobot can follow.

  Find out more about 英語でプログラミング at:

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