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In this video, Paul attempts to push a sharpened pencil through a freezer bag, or Ziploc, full of water. He also uses this simple science experiment to help demonstrate different English tenses to his students.
Watch, and find out if he manages to push the pencil all the way through the polythene bag without springing a leak! Things could get rather wet....

If you'd like to try this at home, all you need is a sharpened pencil, a freezer bag and water.....Oh! And your mother's permission!

This was originally used to get the students talking in one of our Junior High School classes (Paul will do almost anthing to get his students to talk!)
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In this video Paul tears down, or takes apart, a barcode reader (also known as a barcode scanner.)

He also explains a little of the history of the barcode, and how the barcode reader works by identifying the four main components inside, which are;

a light source
a lens
an image capture device (CCD)
a decoder

This formed a topic for some of our Junior High School classes. The students were invited to take a screw-driver and dismantle the barcode reader, while Paul pointed out, questioned and explained, items of interest. (Paul will do anything to get his students talking!)

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In this video Paul shows you how to construct the Sparkfun ROB-14391 pan/tilt bracket. The kit, which is widely available, is an affordable and relatively easy introduction to building something with servo motors. We particually like that all the parts needed are included in the kit, including the actual servos! All you need is to after assembling it is to hook it up to an Arduino and you have a functioning pan/tilt mechanism.

This forms part of a new course coming soon from englishpool.

日, 20 2月 2022 14:42

Whiteboard Marker Pen Magic

  Want to impress your friends? Teacher? students or classmates?

  Well look no further, I've been using this in classes for the past few months, so thought it was time I shared it with you.

  Watch this short video to see how to create a dancing stickman using only a whiteboard marker pen, a plate and some water.

  Be amazed!


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土, 12 2月 2022 14:07

Queen Celebrates Platinum Jubilee

  This week's topic in some of our adult classes  has been the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II. A platinum jubliee means we are celebrating a 70 year anniversay. In this case 70 years since she became queen.

  Her 25th anniversary was known as a silver jubilee, her 50th anniversary as a golden jubliee and her 60th as a diamond jubilee.

  Thank to Breaking News English for the topic and there's a short news video below reporting on the occassion.


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火, 08 2月 2022 18:46

How to Make a Paper Clip Motor

  In this video Paul shows you how to make the worlds simplest, and easiest, electric motor using only two paperclips, a magnet, a battery and some enamelled wire. And while it doesn't have any practical use, it does demonstrate the principle of how electric motors work.

 We've built these simple paper clip motors in class before and it's always exciting to see them start spinning....admittedly after quite a bit of adjusting!


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