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日, 26 6月 2022 07:36

At School

  Also in our Satuday Kinder class we've started on the second book in the Potato Pals series, At School.

  Here is a video from the books creator, Patrick Jackson, so you can practise at home.

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土, 25 6月 2022 15:44

The Pinocchio Song

 Today I introduced our Kinder class students to The Pinocchio Song from Super Simple Songs.

 This song has been a staple of our young learner classes for years but today was the first time since the Corona pandemic that I've used it in class. Great song, and after a little hesitation, all the children joined in and had a great time!

  Hishashiburi or as we say in English, 'it's been a long time'!!

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