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 In the Saturday morning elementary B class we have a regular habit of starting the lessons with a 'quick' game of AGO, and usually one of the students will set the cards so I can't possibly win.

 This reached new heights last week when I discovered they had created a plan, on paper, of which cards each player should start with in order for Paul to lose everytime!

 Thanks children, but I would like to win just once in a while...

 ...oh, and by the way they think I set the timer for 10 minutes but actually it's only 8 minutes!

土, 09 3月 2019 18:54

BrainBox AGO

  I was excited to receive this new game from our textbook suppliers,, yesterday.

  It's called BrainBox AGO and is a collaboration between the makers of BrainBox, Green Board Games in the UK and the makers of AGO here in Japan.

  I'd never seen the BrainBox range of games until now, but the game revolves around a box of cards featuring a content rich picture on one side, and a list of eight related questions on the other. The idea is to spend 10 seconds! looking at the picture, then roll the eight sided dice to determine which question you should answer.

 First impressions with my elementary students have been very favourable, even though they've complained that the time limit of 10 seconds is way too short!

 Looking forward to playing it in  ore classes next week.


土, 09 3月 2019 17:20

Are you ready?

  As we approach the new school year, starting in April, I've changed the cover of our pamphlets, or chirashi.

  Out with the photographs of the classroom, and in with an eye catching image of a red double-decker bus.

  I've also added the  tag line is "Are you ready to start your English journey?"

  So far the reaction has been very positive.

  All aboard!

  You can find the chirashi at this link: englishpool Spring 2019 (PDF 297KB)

土, 23 2月 2019 08:50

What's 'Origami' in English?

  Yesterday one of the students found my stock of origami paper, and naturally wanted to make something. So I challenged her and the other members of the class to create something using only their memories and imaginations (no instructions!)

  The above photo shows the results, we have a clover, a mother and baby fox, a paper bag and a crane.  The whole activity was very calm and we managed to use a lot of English while doing it.

  Sure beats using my normal game type warm-up which can descend into fight of who is winning and losing.

  Oh and one question from this activity "What's origami in English?"








勤務地:〒160-0022東京都新宿区新宿7-3-36-102 イングリッシュプール英会話

勤務時間:金 15:00~18:00  


交通費:なし (近所の方お願いします^^)


金, 25 1月 2019 21:42

Penfriends in Serbia

  Towards the end of last year students in our Elementary B classes worked on writing letters to exchange through the Cambridge Penfriends system. We were matched with the Busy Bee Centre for Foreign Languages in Novi Sad, Serbia, and agreed to base the topic around sports. 

  Busy Bee decided to actually post their letters to us (rather than scan and e-mail them) so it was a huge surprise when we opened the package from Serbia. Inside were twelve beautifully written letters, all in their own envelopes and with some of them containing little gifts of stickers, balloons and other items.

  It was such a pleasure to see the efforts the children in Serbia went to, that the next time we swap letters we might have to raise the bar on our won efforts!

  I have posted the letters our children sent to Serbia over on the gallery page, enjoy!

金, 25 1月 2019 19:49

Vintage Teaching Puzzles

  When we took over the cafe next door, which became The Three Little Pigs, we inherited these two vintage teaching aids.

  Until now they have been gathering dust at the back of englishpool, but during a recent clean-up I decided that they would be better on display.

  So here they are, enjoy!

土, 19 1月 2019 13:09

Olivia and French Kitty

  We were glad to receive these two books from a student's mother to add to our school library. They are Oliva by Ian Falconer and Oui, Oui, Waikiki by Mighty Fine.

  Thank you for the books, I'm sure many our students will enjoy reading them just as much as your children did!

木, 10 1月 2019 10:34

Christmas Party Photos

Thank you to all those students who came to the Christmas Party, I hope you all had a good time.

The photographs we took at the parties are now available to view on the events page. As usual you will need a password, should be in your child's bag, if not please contact me.







勤務地:東京都新宿区新宿7-3-36-102 イングリッシュプール英会話

勤務時間:木~金 15:00~18:00  
       土   午前中



交通費:なし (近所の方お願いします^^)