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火, 08 2月 2022 18:46

How to Make a Paper Clip Motor

  In this video Paul shows you how to make the worlds simplest, and easiest, electric motor using only two paperclips, a magnet, a battery and some enamelled wire. And while it doesn't have any practical use, it does demonstrate the principle of how electric motors work.

 We've built these simple paper clip motors in class before and it's always exciting to see them start spinning....admittedly after quite a bit of adjusting!









土, 25 12月 2021 12:20

Merry Christmas 2021

Over the years The 12 Days of Christmas song (クリスマスの12日間) has become a bit of a tradition here at englishpool. Every year we would split the children into groups and get them to sing it at the end of our Christmas Party, in front of their parents.
Well that didn't happen last year, and it looked like we'd have to pass again this year...until I had the idea of recording each class sperately and then stitching it all together.

So here it is. Enjoy!

A big thank you to all the children at englishpool for making this possible.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


水, 15 12月 2021 00:13

Christmas Adventure

  It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas, so, follow along as Paul reads Christmas Adventure from the Oxford Reading Tree series. Where will the magic key take them this time?


土, 20 11月 2021 13:53

What Animal am I?

 With all the other elementary students busy with school activities today, we had a private class today.

Taking the opportunity of only one student turning up, becaue the others were busy with school events, I helped him create this quiz using the Scratch programming interface.

How many can you answer?  Click the green flag to start  (answers in lowercase only please)



Naturally the Scratch interface was set to English, and all instruction was done in English.

I very proud of his work, and the fact that we got it completed, and working, within the lesson!

(If you can't see above the link is:


If you are interested in learning more about programming in English check our 英語でプログラミングコース for 小学生.

土, 13 11月 2021 12:09

At the Restaurant

  In our Saturday kinder class, we are currently learning all about foods and drinks with Kinka and Pinka at the restaurant.

  Today I used this rather excellent video, from the folks at Happy Valley, to great effect in the class.

  Join Kinka and Pinka as they order their meals in the restaurant. What does Pinka want to eat and drink?


日, 31 10月 2021 09:02

Wet Paint

  I was painting the exterior of our cafe, The Thre Little Pigs, when I remembered this short story from the Oxford Reading Tree series.

  Join me, as I read about dad's problems trying to paint the Robinsons' back door.


In this short video Paul challenges you to repeat the tongue-twister:
"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if woodchucks could chuck wood?
As much wood as a woodchuck would if woodchucks could chuck wood."
Are you ready?
(Students of our Junior High & Upper-elementary classes will recognise this as a challenge from the AGO card game.)


土, 30 10月 2021 14:17

Scary Story Time

Take a virtual tour of englishpool at halloween time and listen to a scary story.

So proud of me elementary aged students for throwing themselves into the challenge of recording a story.

Happy halloween!


Frustrated by the failure of my attempt to have my students build a Da Vinci Bridge from chopsticks in Wednesday's Junior High School class, I made this video to show that it is possible!

And it seems that the probelm was that I'd set them an impossible challenge! The chopsticks have to be the flat sided type!!!

Even them it takes me a few attempts to get it right!


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