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水, 04 11月 2020 17:04

Halloween at englishpool

A bit of Halloween fun for you tonight.

Enjoy, have fun and be safe.

Happy Halloween!


Last week in our elementary classes we were teaching when to use 'a' and 'an'. For example, "This is a book", or "This is an orange".
Quite simple but I wanted something to make the point more exciting, and more fun, and ultimately more memorable so I created a simple printed course with a slider that the children could use to send an ozobot to either 'a' or 'an' depending on the given noun.


土, 17 10月 2020 09:27

QuizKnock English Riddles

Thank you to one of our Tuesday evening Junior High School students for introducing this video from
Can you solve these English riddles?


土, 10 10月 2020 14:33


  Being located between two large Tokyo hospitals Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital,and National Center for Global Health and Medicine we have welcomed many nurses and doctors as students over the years. Teaching medical professionals in Japan it quickly becomes apparent that many of the loan words used in Japanese hospitals are German in origin, so we get Karte (カルテ) for Medical Record, Rentogen (レントゲン) for X-ray, Gips (ギプス) for plaster-cast etc.but this week I encountered the word 'Preceptee.'

 My student explained to me that a 'preceptee' was a new member of the nursing team, and my first thought was that it was a Japanese-English word and therefore confined to Japan. Curiosity, and a sense of completeness, got the better of me and it turns out that student nurses can, or must, participate in a Preceptorship, guided by an experienced practitioner, known as a Preceptor, therefore making the nurses undergoing a period of Preceptorship, Preceptees.

 Please note it is only, as far as I am aware, used with newly qualified nurses gaining practical experience in a hospital setting.

 As they say, you learn something new everyday!

水, 07 10月 2020 20:28


 We had fun in our junior High School class tonight with a game of Scrabble, creating words using as many letters as possible (after checking it's valid!) and then challenging them to use the word in a sentence.

 But the best was yet to come, my High School student saw the game on the table and asked if he could play, as he hadn't played for three years. With his expanded vocabulary, and excellent spelling skills, it soon turned into real battle between us, that left me struggling to keep up with him. At the end of the game we were both surprised to have filled the board, and used up nearly all the tiles, as seen in the photo.

  Usually Junior High School games end when too many short words, squashed into a corner, make it impossible to progress any further. So it was a real treat to see how much my High School student had improved!

日, 06 9月 2020 18:45

Introducing the Ozobot

 As part of our 英語でプログラミング (Programming in English) course, Paul introduces you to the Ozobot.
 Ozobots are small programmable robots that introduce children to coding. In this video Paul explains, and demonstrates, a few of the color codes used when Ozobot is used as a 'line follower robot'.
 Find out more about 英語でプログラミング(Programming in English) at英語でプログラミング


火, 01 9月 2020 23:35

AGO Q&A Level 1.5

As a big fan of the AGO series of card games, we have been enjoying playing the latest AGO Q&A release in our children's classes.

 In this video, Paul reviews AGO level 1.5, as well as sharing some of his favourite cards.



  Just before the summer break I used this set of Flying Tiger Story Telling dice to great effect in a few of my elementary classes. Watch my video, on YouTube, as I briely explain how the dice work, and then share three stories created by three groups of students.


 Paul reads Flood! from the Oxford Reading Tree series. Join him as Biff, Chip, Kipper and all, watch the rising flood waters creep slowly towards the Robinson's home.

    (Bonus Point: Can you find the easyJet reference in the pictures?)


土, 01 8月 2020 12:52

8月/9日~8月/24日 夏休み

 Just a quick reminder that this year our summer holiday will run from August 9 to August 24.

   So, lessons as usual next week!